June 8th, 2022 – Got Five On It: Economic Impacts and Observations of the Abandoned Mine Land Economic Revitalization Program Five Years In

The Abandoned Mine Land Economic Revitalization Program was established in 2016 to return abandoned mine lands to productive use through economic and community development. Finally, after six years, there are sufficient data and case studies to evaluate the program’s progress towards its goals.

This webinar delves into a Reclaiming Appalachia Coalition report by Downstream Strategies, “Got Five On It: Economic Impacts and Observations of the Abandoned Mine Land Economic Revitalization Program Five Years In.” The report authors go over their findings and explain their suggestions for improving the program.

January 14th, 2021 – Reclaiming Appalachia Coalition 2020 Report

December 14th, 2020 – Coal Reclamation and Bankruptcies on Post-SMCRA Mines

The Reclaiming Appalachia Coalition hosted this webinar to discuss the state of “post-law mines,” (those that were developed after the passage of the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act (SMCRA) in 1977). As the coal industry continues its irreversible decline, large-scale bankruptcies are triggering bond forfeitures, resulting in stranded permits that are likely to have inadequate funding for remediation. This is a crisis that is unfolding now on a scale that could ultimately dwarf the legacy of pre-law mining, as many of the permits at risk of collapsing are hundreds, if not thousands of acres in size. Note: this is a preliminary overview, some state data was missing from Ohio and Tennessee, and some Kentucky bond data was inadvertently excluded. Please see the “Restoration and Renewal: The New Appalachian Economy” report for corrected data.

July 9th, 2020 – Innovative Investments for Land Reclamation

The Reclaiming Appalachia Coalition (RAC) has secured federal and state funding for Abandoned Mine Land (AML) cleanup and redevelopment projects, but there is an opportunity to integrate other sources of funding into these projects and non-AML coal impacted site projects such as mission oriented investments, impact investments, and other sources of financing. During this webinar, speakers will present on how RAC and other regional organizations can leverage these non-grant sources of project finance for site cleanup and redevelopment projects.

July 8th, 2020 – Community Benefits Agreements and Innovative Mine Reclamation

Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs) are powerful tools with the potential to transform Appalachian’s economy. These agreements hold developers accountable and give the local community a platform to advocate for their needs. Join the Reclaiming Appalachia Coalition and expert speakers on July 8th at 11 AM EST to discuss the potential applications of CBAs to mine reclamation and redevelopment projects.

May 28th, 2020 – Outdoor Recreation on Abandoned Mine Land

This webinar included presentations from around Appalachia to hear about best practices and lessons learned outdoor recreation economic development projects sited on abandoned coal mine lands. Speakers included: Elizabeth W. Hughes, Earth Conservancy Director of Communications; Zach Foster, Appalachian Conservation Corps Corps Director; Owen Mulkeen, Friends of the Cheat Associate Director; and Matt Hepler, Appalachian Voices Environmental Scientist.

April 2020 – Continuing Innovative Approaches to AML Reclamation and Reuse

The Reclaiming Appalachia Coalition has assisted community organizations across central Appalachia in procuring nearly $30 million for transformative projects on former mine sites. Entering its third year in 2020, the RAC’s ability to impact change in rural communities across the region is stronger than ever. This webinar kicks off the 2020 AML Pilot year. We discussed the history of the RAC, explore recent successes and our exciting new mini-grant opportunity for organizations in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Alabama. Click here to access the presentation slides.

October 2019 – Innovative Reclamation Projects Across the Appalachian Region

This webinar covers the release of our 2019 annual report highlighting innovative reclamation projects across the region. The webinar will provide an overview of exciting new projects submitted for Abandoned Mine Lands Pilot funding in 2019 – including creative matching sources and project partnerships – as well as updates on already-funded projects as they move toward implementation.

September 2019 – Reauthorization of Abandoned Mine Land Fees

The Reclaiming Appalachia Coalition hosted this webinar on the reauthorization of Abandoned Mine Land fees. The passage of the Surface Mining and Control Act (SMCRA) in 1977 instituted a fee on coal production to be used for reclamation of mine lands abandoned prior to 1977. Unless Congress acts to reauthorize it, the AML fee is currently set to expire in 2021. This webinar covers unique perspectives on the status of AML sites and reclamation as well as discuss the current legislative context and policy recommendations.

January 2018 – Innovative Mine Reclamation in Appalachia Webinar

November 2016 – Public information session

This Webinar provided an opportunity for interested citizens to learn and ask questions about our 2016 report. Panelists included Adam Wells from Appalachian Voices, Gerald Collins of Coal Mining Engineering, LLC, and Evan Fedorko from Downstream Strategies. ​